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NGO Dako

The NGO German-African Cooperation Association (known in German as DAKO e.V.) was founded in
Cologne, Germany on July 19th, 2004 and registered under VR14532 in the Association Registry. The
association’s goals are neither profitable nor lucrative. The NGO DAKO is an Intercultural Center Since April
To achieve this goal, we organize intercultural projects open to people with migration background; among
other things, a space for exchange and weekly meeting (Familiencaf s), excursions, workshops for children
and teenagers, cycling and swimming lessons for adults, language support and communication, as well as
practical advice related to life in Germany in general. If necessary, we support on a case-by-case basis the
concerned persons to the administrative authorities.
On the international level, we contribute to the causes of the exodus of young Africans to Europe by
initiating development projects in African countries: (building of schools, school canteens and vegetable
gardens), drinking water supply, payment of school fees for children, etc. In addition, we organize symposia
and round tables to discuss about migration and development issues. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Dako e.V. is a member of:


Our Integration Activities:

  • Social advice to people with migration background
  • Support with administrative authorities
  • Intercultural mediation for Afro-German families
  • Empowerment workshops and courses for people with migration background

Contact us: 0221 - 430 99 75
We speak: German, French, English, Ebri, Bambara, Arabic.
If necessary, we can arrange a translator.

Family Cafés

NGO DAKO - Intercultural Center
Our commitment in Cologne

Our offers in the field of integration:

  • Advice to migrants and refugees with and without disabilities (orientation, assistance with requests,
    mediation in offers of assistance)
  • Accompaniment of migrants and refugees with and without disabilities (authorities, lawyers, educational
    and educational institutions
  • Our barrier-free Caf s for people with an immigrant background and their families and for refugees.
    caf familia (since March 2017) Caf TARE (since September 2020)

Empowering People with Migration Background and Refugees:

  • Cycling and swimming lessons for adults
  • Food Hygiene & Health (Healthy Living - Healthy Cooking)
  • Just like in the village – an afternoon of games for the whole family
  • Intercultural celebrations
  • Conversation course: "Let's talk well"
  • Social Orientation & Reintegration – job application
  • Basic computer courses
  • Communication training
  • Family excursions
intercultural center cologne

Intercultural center

We offer: Social advice for people with migration background. Also we accompany you at administrative procedures. Intercultural mediation, workshops and courses for empowerment of migrants....

Our Family cafés

The intercultural center DAKO e.V offers a point of contact for migrants their children, people with and without handicaps to help them with problems and offer them empowerment...


Dako as bridge builder

Are you a headmaster, teacher, educator or authority and find yourself in an "intercultural Afro-German communication dilemma"? For these cases we stand as a bridge builder...

Projekte Afrika

Our projects in Africa

We support a variety of projects in Africa, such as education, water and reforestation. Find out more about current and successfully completed projects of the association. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Aktion Neue Nachbarn

Aktion Neue Nachbarn

Aktion Neue Nachbarn
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Wir helfen

Wir helfen


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Stiftung Familie

Stiftung Familie
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Interkulturelle Zentren Köln

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